Onyx stone

Onyx stone

Change in structure and metamorphosis of the lime results in onyx formation. Onyx stone has high variety of colors due to different percentages of minerals. These colors are green, red or pink, brown, yellow, grey, and black; however, the pure onyx is white. Onyx has air permeability which conduces in superficial and deep weathering, so it is not a suitable rock for external façade of the building. Onyx has the ability of being polished as mirror and beauty of wavy lodes on the surface as striped, wavy, and spotted lodes results in its suitability as decorative stones, and back light property and light transparency make it very remarkable in building, entering doors of luxury buildings, luxury lobbies, counters, and sculpture for architects and designers. Chalipa stone industry provides different types of onyx stone as super onyx, premium onyx, firs- class onyx, and secondary onyx as customers `desire in slab, tile, bookmatch, formmatch and all huge sizes all over the country and all around the world. Onyx stone is a metamorphic calcareous that its different coloring is the main reason of its sale and distinction of onyx from similar products. This stone has suitable resistance and strength that makes it ideal for building façade. However, it must be considered that in climate changes and in extreme radiation of the sun, color change appears; so, it is better to be used in internal façade.

Onyx in building façade

Onyx is calcareous stone which is classified as a sedimentary stone, and its main mineral is calcite. This stone is found in white color in nature, but the existence of minerals such as aragonite, quartz, iron oxide, magnesium, aluminum, mica, serpentine, silica, and some other minerals result in different patterns and diverse colors. Onyx is very useful in building façade. The onyx used in building façade, is very remarkable and valuable for engineers who work in this field, because it is very beautiful, has suitable strength, good resistance to humid and trituration, high polishing ability, no dust absorption, no heat absorption, easy cleaning, luminosity, and light reflex. High diversity of coloring causes beautiful and desirable environment wherever the stone is used, and calls nature for the spectator. Its firmness and strength is irrefutable which causes longer life time and higher strength besides its beauty. If you desire to give an arresting beauty and magnificence to your building façade, onyx is the best option.
Super onyx stone

Super onyx stone is one of the internal products and is from onyx family with bright and green color spectrum. This rock has pure and unmixed surface, and it has the highest purity and luminosity, resulting in the highest validness between all onyx types. High light reflex from onyx makes it a good choice for architects and decorators in luxury projects. Super onyx stone is provided in large sizes and palletizing as customers' desire in Chalipa stone industry.

Different types of building onyx

Onyx is one of the most resistant stones in geological products which is very abundant in nature and is mined with different colors, textures, resistance, and different percentages of minerals. Onyx has very diverse coloring, crystal patterns, and mineral lodes that give it a very beautiful apparent. The biggest difference between onyx stones is about the color, and the different mineral percentage in each stone is the cause. This stone is mostly seen in white, cream, beige, brown, grey, green, pink, and blue in different color spectrums. Another determinative factor for onyx stone is the mine type. There are so many valuable onyx mines in Iran as Kashmar onyx mine, Jolfa Abbas abad mine, Naghdeh onyx, Bam Rostam mine, Sirjan mine, Yazd Boragh onyx, Yazd Touran posht onyx, Shahin dej mine, Kerman Isfand onyx rock mine, Ghorveh white onyx mine, Azarshahr ab barik onyx mine, Khorasan khalaj mine,  Markazi province numerous mines especially Mahallat mine and several mines in Fars province. In addition, it is good to know that Iran is one of the biggest mine capitals in world. Iran has very valuable mines that color diversity and quality of each mining stone is very remarkable, resulting in being counted as the top mining stones worldwide.

White onyx price

As higher as the purity of onyx, it is more whitish, and it has higher price. Factors affecting the price of white onyx stone are type of mine, cut type and polishing, size, color spectrum, and quality. As the technology of cutting and grinding of stones is more modern, the quality of processing increases. This stone possesses a very high luminosity, amazing resistance and incredible beauty which cause its popularity, so it is a suitable choice for luxury decorations and internal façade. Its high demand is the main reason of its high price. Iran and Italy are the biggest capitalists of white onyx in the world; however, Iranian white onyx has higher quality, optimum price and is more accessible.

White onyx uses

White onyx can be used as raw or artificial stone. The raw onyx is mined in huge sizes, and after transferring to factory for processing, it is provided in slab and tile sizes to the market. In artificial usage, the natural little grains of onyx are mixed with resin. This product is commonly used in artificial stones, accessories, and decorative equipment. Onyx is one of the most expensive rocks that has many usages such as interior and exterior building facades, floor and stone-pavement, kitchen counter, stairs, toilet and bathroom, sculpture, and stone artificial accessories. Onyx has amazing trituration and polishing. This stone has light transparency, and in light, it has remarkable luminosity which seems very considerable. Onyx has some disadvantages that if you want to have the best use, you would better know the disadvantages, completely. This stone can extremely be affected by sun radiation and atmosphere and probably becomes turbid, so it is better to be used in interior façade. It has high porosity and also it is alkali, so against acidic compounds, corrosion occurs. Its excellent character is that it has very particular pattern and color, which cannot easily be found in other stones. Its cleaning process is very easy and desirable, so it is very suitable option for wash-stand sink, kitchen counter, and hall floor. Onyx has a cold surface, and it is very useful in tropical areas and crowded places such as pantheons.

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