Marble stone

Marble stone

Marble stone is one of the most beautiful and useful rocks used in interior design of the buildings; as paving stones, stairs stones, residential, official, and commercial building floors and in stair floors, and because of its low resistance against climate changes, its usage in external design must be avoided. The porosity of the marble is low and has high ability of trituration, which leads in very outstanding polish after manufacture. The variety of colors of marble is very remarkable which includes both bright and dark colors as pink, cream, yellow, green, brown, and red. Chalipa stone industry has different marble stones as Asali Dehbid stone, Shayan Dehbid, Zare` Dehbid, white Dena Dehbid, cappuccino, diplomat, Chehrak, Abadeh, Harsin, Salsal, Faraz, Khoy, Mahkam, and black Dehbid. Marble stone can be provided in large sizes and slab and tile sizes and also in palletizing form, as the customers require. Marble is a kind of decorative calcareous stone that is from sedimentary rocks. This product has very high variety of color and pattern, and its large use is in interior design of the buildings and can be widely used in flooring, walls, and stairs. Its usage in stone industrial products is very common.

What is marble?

Marble is a calcareous stone which is classified as sedimentary rocks in geology. The main minerals in this rock are: calcite and dolomite; and its secondary minerals are carbon compounds, silicate, hematite, and limonite. Also, sometimes some lodes of quartz and clay compounds can be seen as well. The special weight of this stone is 2563 grams per cubic meters ( g/ ). Resistance and perseverance of the marble is less than granite, but more than travertine. Marble is a porous stone which its porosity is less than travertine, but more than granite and onyx. Marble is classified as decorative a stone which has diverse uses. The similarity of this rock in name and structure, mostly leads to making mistakes in diagnosing these stones. However, we must know that there are many differences and also similarities between them that we are going to discuss them, here.
As it was mentioned, marble is a calcareous sedimentary rock, but onyx is classified as calcareous metamorphic rock. Both marble and onyx undergo reactions in acidic environments and solve in acids. Onyx is transparent to light, but marble is not transparent to it. Resistance and price of the onyx is more than marble. The primary use of marble is in construction and building, but the primary use of onyx is in artificial products, accessories, and stone decorations. Both onyx and marble become turbid in air gradually, and both are white if they are pure.

Price of marble stone

There are different factors that control the price of marble, but generally the price has direct relationship with the mine which the stone came from, kind of production, the quality, color-scheme, size, and dimensions. As there are fewer lodes, and there is less impurity, the price of the marble is higher; because it is more resistant, and during its use or under process, it may not crack or break easily. Besides, the pure and unmixed whole surface of the stone makes it more beautiful.

Different kinds of marble

Presence of different percentages of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate leads to two distinct classes of marble; calcite and dolomite. Dolomite marble has higher hardship, higher pressure resistance, higher resistance to erosion, higher ability for being polished, and also less refraction and breakage degree, less weathering, less corrosion and erosion,  less water permeability, less porosity and freeze and also less oxidation comparing to calcite marble. Besides, dolomite marble has more condensed crystal tissue and more strength comparing to calcite marble; so, there is more possibility for fossils to exist in this class of stones. There are so many marble mines in Iran as Abadeh  marble mine, Golcheshmeh Mahallat, Khoy, Mahkam, Harsin, Jiroft, Diplomat, Khoobsangan,  Najaf abad, Cheriki, Polpisheh Kordestan, Rose flower, Birjand, Spider, Bavanat Chehrak, Operador stone, Sanandaj Gavshan, Gohareh, Charmahal and Bakhtiari Baba Heydar, Bafogh rose, Yazd Moalla, Arsanjan partawousi, Nazar abad, Simakan , Josheghan, Bajestan, Anarak, Diamond, Persian Silk, and Fars Dehbid marble mines. The mined stone from each mine has many chemical compounds. For instance, Sabzevar and Kashmar marbles from Khorasan province have white background, or Anarak marble has red background, and Shayan and Samin Dehbid marbles have cream background. The colors pink and red are due to presence of hematite and manganese carbonate; the colors yellow and cream are due to presence of limonite mineral; and colors grey and black are due to presence of carbon and, chlorite and  green colors are due to presence of silicates in the stones.

Asali Dehbid marble stone:

Mining Asali Dehbid marble stone from  Dehbid mines in north of Fars, results in stones in bright and dark cream, honeyed, and brown colors which each has variant patterns. Asali Dehbid stone is a kind of marble that due to its particular and brilliant colors is known as the most beautiful marble stone. Because of its huge number of customers, it has very good sales market in the country. It is mostly used as interior façade stone, and architects and decorators really like this stone. Generally, Asali Dehbid stone is very useful in buildings, hotels, walls of lobbies, and commercial centers as interior façade, stairs stone, cabinet stones, toilet stone, and floor. Its beauty, high firmness, ability to be cut in slab and tile, high compression, and high abrasion make it very exclusive. Processing of this stone in the factory with filling the pores in the stone, make the stone a very good insulation to humid. The special beauty and wonderful manifestation of Dehbid stone in Iranian buildings have resulted in very high rate of demand of export. Chalipa stone industry is one of the biggest and most well- known producers of Asali Dehbid stone; which manufactures the best kinds of Asali Dehbid stones with best quality of mining, production, and processing and in large sizes, using the most modern machinery. The stones are produced in 1*1, 120*120, 80*80, 60*60, and 40*40 sizes, and in slab and tile as the customers' desire. This company is ready to collaborate with local projects and export the products all over the world. 

White Dehbid marble stone

Dehbid mine possesses different marble stones such as main Dehbid rock, Angourak, Persian white, Shayan, Zarei, Arian, Chah morghi, Samin, and Hasan abad. White Dehbid marble stone is one of the best and the most desirable rocks of Dehbid stones which has worldwide fame. It has high ability of trituration, so it is very ideal in general use, especially in construction and building. Sometimes, in order to increase the resistance and the quality of this rock, some filling materials such as epoxy resins and grinding machines are used to make it more useful. Its common uses are in walls and floor in luxury commercial centers, hotels, and luxury places. This stone has very wonderful market.

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